KMP which is growing as a global company specialized in molding parts based on trust and devotion.

Welcome our customers.
We sincerely welcome those of you who have visited the homepage of KMP Co, Ltd.

KMP Co, Ltd is company specialized in molding parts that has manufactured super precision parts for about 20 years. Owing to our client companies that have cooperated with us so far, we have accomplished a great development in quality and quantity.

We will advance as a global company based on this notion. Within the wave of unsparing change, employees of KMP Co, Ltd has been attempting a ceaseless self innovation in order to manufacture the best molding parts in the world that are up to our reputation.
KMP Co, Ltd will be the leader in growing and developing together by delivering a developed new technology and wide range of technological information unsparingly to our customers. We value the relationship formed with our customers and promise to make an active effort also in creating new molding culture.

We sincerely express our gratitude to those of you who have led us with true love and ask for a steady guidance and encouragement.